Current Project

I’ve always been super interested in mythology, namely Greek. The area I stay in has a lot of ghost stories apparently (my grandfather claimed he saw one many moons ago), so I decided to look into the mythology and folklore around it. There are some links to Norse mythology too, given that the Vikings landed here.

Seeing all these bits reminded me of an idea I had years ago in school (well, not that long ago really, seeing as I only left that charming place year before last). I ended up rooting through drawers for old pendrives, which I could have sworn I put in a safe place – we all know how that ends up. Anywho, I did find all my pendrives, and after a few hours of rooting through files (I want to smack my younger self for ‘creatively’ naming files via a romantic face-keyboard smash) I finally found what I was looking for.

After some meet-ups and emails with a dear friend of mine, a kind of ‘steps to getting your head out your tooshie and writing this darn novel’ was established – brainstorming sessions, research periods, etc (shall post the actual order up later on a separate post dedicated to the layout). I’ve done the brainstorming part, and am now in the research phase. I’ll likely be posting up the really interesting sections of research I find; whether this will be a few posts or more, who knows?

I’m sure this post had a point I was going to make somewhere, but I, unfortunately, am a babbler at times (don’t let me loose in public; if I see someone I know, I’ll be there talking, possibly for hours on end).

Ah, of course. A short summary: current project is based around the area I’m from and its mythology. Will probably be of the young adult genre. Why I can’t just type this simply, nobody knows…

Also, baby tip: when testing the milk’s temperate on one’s tongue, don’t eat cheesy wotsits beforehand. Not a good combo, my friend.


Writing, Bad Puns and Parenthood

After a lot of procrastinating and putting off, I have finally started a blog! Not that I actually know how to run a blog or anything, but hey-ho, why shouldn’t I try stumbling head-first into this too?

So this is kind of an introduction. I go by Lee (don’t worry, I’ve been smacked already for the punny site name) and am currently planning out and researching for a novel. And as of roughly two weeks ago, I’ve entered the daring field of parenthood. This blog is pretty much a journal of sorts about my writing, and for sharing any tips I might find. Plus, when our little one was born, we realised a lot of things that would have been super handy to know beforehand, so there may be the occasional parent-related post.

I would like to apologise in advance for all the puns, but then I’d be lying.