Writing, Bad Puns and Parenthood

After a lot of procrastinating and putting off, I have finally started a blog! Not that I actually know how to run a blog or anything, but hey-ho, why shouldn’t I try stumbling head-first into this too?

So this is kind of an introduction. I go by Lee (don’t worry, I’ve been smacked already for the punny site name) and am currently planning out and researching for a novel. And as of roughly two weeks ago, I’ve entered the daring field of parenthood. This blog is pretty much a journal of sorts about my writing, and for sharing any tips I might find. Plus, when our little one was born, we realised a lot of things that would have been super handy to know beforehand, so there may be the occasional parent-related post.

I would like to apologise in advance for all the puns, but then I’d be lying.



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