Finally – A Question ON TIME

At long last, I have finally achieved what previously seemed impossible – I’ve posted on time! A miracle, I tell ya. Because I’m definitely not the most unorganized person on the rock. Course not.

Question 12: What is a weird habit you have, or people have told you you have?

Now it states nothing like nail biting, so it’s quite a hard one, this one.

After some thinking, I came up with my answer, though it is hard to explain…

Sometimes, if I’ve done something with, say my left hand for example, I’ll feel completely uncomfortable until I’ve done it with my right. Like if I’ve crossed fingers on one hand. I just feel unbalanced if I don’t.

That seems to be the best way I can explain it, for now anyway.

But hey, it’s on time! Somehow.


Question 11: An Odd One

“What is the strangest thing you have in your room?”

A short and simple answer this time: a fake flower with googly eyes and a green pipe cleaner for a stem that stinks of old ketchup.

His name is Bob.

Question 10 – it was nearly on time, really!

I started this question last night but duty calls. And the day was spent sleeping, admittedly (I do enjoy my sleep, probably too much).

Question 10: “If you were sat on a plane beside your favourite celebrity, what would you do?”

First thought here was, “Who IS my favourite celebrity?”

Then I realised, Will Poulter. Definitely.

So what would I do? Fangirl? Pass out?

In all honesty, I’d probably make a stupid joke and just embarrass myself. Hey, it’s a quirk. I like to think it adds charm to my character.


Yesterday’s question – still not on time…

Yesterday’s question – also late.

Question 9: Name a LEAST favourite of each – book, movie, TV show

Least favourite book… Do plays count? ‘Cause if so, I hated when we studied the written form of “Death of a Salesman” in English. Mind, didn’t like most of the books in the English department. Most of them were pretty dark and depressing.

“Oh no, the pony died. Aw, they got another pony. Oh, another dead pony.”

See what I mean?

But Death of a Salesman was one I actually studied, and it’s a book/play I just can’t enjoy.

Least favourite movie – PERCY JACKSON MOVIES. Say no more.

Least favourite TV show – don’t really have any. Again, don’t really watch a lot of TV.Oh, I know: American Horror Story. They send awful shivers down my back. I can’t be in the same room as someone watching them.

My bad

And question 8 is also a late one. My bad.

Interesting question though. Didn’t expect to find this one:

“What type of underwear do you prefer wearing?”

An easy answer. Boxers are probably the comfiest. When they’re just tight enough on the legs, they’re perfect.

So close, yet so far

Dang it. I still missed yesterday’s question. Mind you, hard to keep a schedule with a baby.

Anywho, question 7:

“What do you spend most of your money on?”

I don’t spend a lot really. It’s not that I can’t, I’m just not used to having money to spend. I never had a job when I was in school, so I only started a few months after. Beginning of this year actually. Still not used to spending money.

If anything, I’d say anime/manga and junk food. And books.

Questions, so many questions (Volume 5)

Onwards, to question 6!

“Name a LEAST favourite of each: food, drink, colour.”

Food is easy. BRUSSEL SPROUTS. Stupid mini-cabbages can go burn in Tartarus.

Drink? Not really sure, but I can’t stand drinks with coconut in them. So, no to coconut rum unfortunately but I’ll gladly take another rum.

Colour? Can’t say I’m much a fan of some greys, since they can look kind of dull. Hard to choose and single out one colour though. Sorry, grey.

This is probably the shortest answer yet. Oopsie.


Questions, so many questions (Volume 4)

Okay, while looking over the questions just now, I’ve realised that question 5 is probably the easiest for me to answer. Well, I came up with an answer quickly, at least.

Question 5: If you were given the opportunity to spend 48 hours with absolutely anyone (living or dead), who would you spend it with and what would you do?

Of course, there’s two ways to go about this one – the personal one and the “which famous person” answer.

If it’s for the personal one, I’d have to say my dad. There’s a lot I’d give to just sit there and watch another documentary or something with him. Last one we watched was about a lost expedition through the North Passage. It was interesting, and I’ve been trying to find it since, just to rewatch it for old times’ sake. But, if he were to start channel-flicking again… Might go mad. It always happens when I’m in the middle of watching something too.

If we’re talking about famous people, I wouldn’t mind a chat with Einstein. Always found him inspirational.

(Actually, if there’s a version including characters from books, shows, etc, it would be either Percy Jackson or Jean Kirstein. Maybe Sasha Blaus.)


Questions, so many questions (Volume 3)

So, question 4: Name a favourite of each – book, movie, TV show

Book is easy – I’m a sucker for the Percy Jackson books, and have been for years. It’s… just everything about the books. The characters, the plot, the written word. I’ll never tire of reading them.

Favourite movie is harder. The Losers is probably what I’d choose (singing in a smoky rooooom, the smell o’ wine and cheap perfuuume).

TV show is probably the hardest because I really don’t watch a lot of TV. Does anime count under this category? Anime is the only genre I watch, so it’d be Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan, Hetalia, Naruto or Bleach I’d say. It goes between them all, depending on my mood. At the current moment in time, I wouldn’t mind a bit of Shingeki, even with all the character deaths. Bring out season 2 already, dang it.

Oh, mind you – Red vs. Blue. Definitely not because of how much I relate to Grif’s laziness. Okay, maybe a little.


Lochs, Gaelic, Spirits and Scandinavia

So, the current project. Thought I would give a wee update/more information, especially considering what happened the other day. The main character’s name is Lachlan, which I chose kind of at random. I decided I needed a Gaelic name, and Lachlan called out to me.

The other day, I found out something while trying to make sure I was pronouncing it right… Lachlan refers to a faraway place like the Otherworld or Scandinavia. Now, the Otherworld from Celtic mythology has links to the Other, the afterlife in the story I’m working on. So somehow, I managed to choose a name that links to a major factor in the story, without realising. A freaky coincidence, but I’m taking it as a sign that I should keep going with writing this thing.