Questions, so many questions (Volume 2)

So, the third question: If you married rich and your spouse gave you $100,000 a week, what would you spend it on?

First of all, how much would that be in pounds? Just out of curiosity… According to Google, it’s £79,085.77. Jeez, I really am not fond of the drop. $100,000 sounds way more. Anyway, back to the question.

I would like to pretend I’m just a precious cinnamon bun and say I’d donate it all, but I’m taking the question as what I’d spend it on for my own good. Also, I don’t want to pretend that I’m the aforementioned cinnamon bun (speaking of cinnamon buns, wouldn’t mind one right now) and say I’d donate it all to insert good cause just to look like a wonderful person. Of course, I would donate some to some causes (like cancer research, the local hospice and the Macmillan nurses, since those are ones close to me), but I’m still taking the question as what I would spend it on for me. If this little ramble makes any sense, great. If not, oops…

Anyway, I’d unashamedly spend a large chunk of video games, another large chunk on books (I would love a massive library, where I’d need one of those library ladder things to reach up high) because there’s nothing quite like seeing rows and rows of books, all waiting for you to read them, to jump into their worlds. I’d like to travel too – castle-hopping through Europe is one thing I’ve imagined, and Italy and Greece call to me.

I could spoil the wain so badly with all that money… Other half might not be happy with a spoilt-rotten baby though. I’m pretty sure this counts as spending it on me, since seeing her happy makes me happy.

I could have a really cool garden too.Cobblestone paths, great big weeping willow trees, a pond filled with fish… I can see it now.

Really, there’s a lot I could spend it on (including food), but I think the books, treating the wain and adventures are what I would go for.

Two out of five, three to go!



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