Questions, so many questions (Volume 3)

So, question 4: Name a favourite of each – book, movie, TV show

Book is easy – I’m a sucker for the Percy Jackson books, and have been for years. It’s… just everything about the books. The characters, the plot, the written word. I’ll never tire of reading them.

Favourite movie is harder. The Losers is probably what I’d choose (singing in a smoky rooooom, the smell o’ wine and cheap perfuuume).

TV show is probably the hardest because I really don’t watch a lot of TV. Does anime count under this category? Anime is the only genre I watch, so it’d be Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan, Hetalia, Naruto or Bleach I’d say. It goes between them all, depending on my mood. At the current moment in time, I wouldn’t mind a bit of Shingeki, even with all the character deaths. Bring out season 2 already, dang it.

Oh, mind you – Red vs. Blue. Definitely not because of how much I relate to Grif’s laziness. Okay, maybe a little.



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