Questions, so many questions

Wow. I’ve been… very inactive. The past few days have been pretty busy, what with midwives, health visitors, etc etc. The wain’s had jaundice, but all appears to be okay (touch wood). Unfortunately, now she seems to enjoy waking up every hour in the night – she won’t do this during the day, only at night. Just as troublesome as her mother.

Anywho, I’ve missed days 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the question set thing, so I shall post the answer to question 2 below and create new posts for the others, because they still deserve it even though I have procrastinated and been distracted (not their fault after all).

Question 2: Name a favourite of each – food, drink, colour (adding in the u’s ’cause Queen’s English)

Favourite food is a difficult one. I have a very… wide palate and a bottomless pit of a stomach. There’s spaetzle (if that’s even how you spell it, my German sucks), there’s chicken piccata, ice cream (stracciatella, schlumpf-eis and strawberry are personal favourites), chicken fried rice… The list tends to go on and on and on. If I really had to choose though, I’d have to say ice cream, probably strawberry (this eis-cafe near my Opa’s does possibly the best strawberry ice cream I’ve had).

Favourite drink? I’ve got a weird hard-on for fruity teas. Cherry, strawberry, mango, cranberry – mostly reds.But I do enjoy a cool can of Monster now and again, though I do go overboard whenever I have them… Definitely don’t drink a whole pack in an hour or so. Never.

Favourite drink then is probably fruity teas – cherry and strawberry tea is pretty darn awesome. Bit o’ sugar, some honey, and never milk. Milk only goes well with strawberry and rhubarb. A lesson learnt the hard way.

Finally, favourite colour – green. Sea green especially, but most dark greens – especially forest colours. I’m not really sure why exactly, I just really like greens. I wanted to do a camo pattern on my bedroom walls when I was younger which was actually only a few years ago, but I wasn’t allowed.

So that’s a few random facts about me that will never be of use to anyone. I’ve got a few more posts to make now, but I will be trying to update on a more… regular basis.



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