Question 13!

“What would you consider to be the biggest insult to yourself?”


I can write. I will write. I will publish.

People say we’re quite young to have a baby (some people have even asked if we even considered an abortion since we “have our whole lives ahead of us”), but I can and will bring her up to the best person I can. We will. And we can do a better job than some adults.

People don’t get I’m very stubborn. Get that from m’ Dad. It’s a Niseach problemo.

Actually probably a Deutsch problem too… Mum can be just as stubborn…

Another story of incapability: was told by an art teacher I probably wouldn’t pass due to my horrific attendance (appendicitis is a real pain in the booty). Went ahead and got an A. Still very smug. Hence why I had to mention it.



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