Question 17: Somewhat easier (not that much)

“Name a favourite of each: band, album, song.”

I’m guessing non-related so here goes. Apologies for the lack of musical knowledge – tends be a killer when everyone around me discusses current music (my siblings don’t like being in public with me when this happens, but sticks and stones).

Band? Imagine Dragons because yes. A thousand times yes.

Album? There’s a couple Linkin Park ones I can’t decide between: Minutes to Midnight, A Thousand Suns and Living Things. My problem is is that I like songs on all of them, so it’s quite hard to choose. If I really had to, Living Things probably.

Song? Monstercat remix of Falling Stars by Eminence. It’s one I’ll always love, even though it has no lyrics. It’s very calming. Good for clearing the head a bit.



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