Confession Time: Wait, what’s Marag Dubh?

Right, before we start, I must establish something. Where I live, Scottish Gaelic is very prevalent. In our schools, we have English medium and Gaelic medium. There is… admittedly more funding for Gaelic medium classes so they tend to be able to go on more trips. These classes though, are taught in Gaelic.

I didn’t go through Gaelic Medium. I had pretty good Gaelic in the first few years of primary, until I switched to another primary school where they didn’t bother all too much with Gaelic, really.

Now, I’ve noticed there’s a local memes page, and they constantly mention this “Marag Dubh.” I, not so wisely, thought, “oh, must be some kind of alcohol.”


It’s a, uh, delicacy here.

One day, just to be sure, I asked my partner what is was and I got a funny look.

Black pudding.

It’s flipping black pudding.

I don’t even like it.

My Gaelic really sucks. But learning it is just so troublesome… The courses are never for a local dialect. Which is irritating, because if you know Niseach Gaelic, good luck speaking to an Uisdeach!

Plus I don’t want to give in to the Gaelic Mafia (they mean well, really, but they could approach it in different ways).

Tourist tip: every tourist I’ve stumbled upon seems to enjoy Stornoway Black Pudding. So you know, if you’re about, it’s pretty easy to get (I just don’t like it ’cause of certain ingredients).



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