O Muses, Strike Me With a Fountain Pen!

I was thinking, “Hey, why not share how I write?” in terms of preparation and what I surround myself with.

First of all, I do usually use my laptop (and sometimes have to switch off the wifi because Pinterest, while handy, is very distracting). I have a couple moleskines next to me usually,  a plain old  writing pad for writing letters, a pot of ink and a fountain pen.

I find writing with a fountain pen just stirs something up inside. There’s something so pleasing about writing with one, maybe it’s dipping the tip into ink, maybe it’s when the pen scrapes against the paper. Maybe it’s even the fact that I always come out of every writing session with ink all over my hands. Oddly satisfying, I must say.

Don’t usually eat much when I’m writing, it’s a bit of a nuisance really. Drinking though, well, it’s rare to find me without a cup of tea or a flask. And you can bet on Zeus’ feathers that it’ll be some berry tea.

Music is always a must. Usually just a playlist on Spotify I’ve made up to suit the mood of what I’m writing. Highly recommend Two Steps From Hell. Cinematic music is very good to write to (do sometimes feel like I need something with lyrics though).



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