Newest Task of Writing a Whole Book by March 31st. Isn’t that smart?

Plain and simple: I’m an idiot.

I realised today actually yesterday because it’s actually 3am the next day that I have a month to write a book. As in, really realised it. So first thought there was, how in name of Hades’ underwear am I going to do this?

I checked the minimum word count. For YA, what I mostly write, it’s 40,000. The stories I’m deciding between are planned out for about 50/60,ooo words each. After seeing that, I just thought, “Oh, I’ve winged it with massive essays in school before.” So I’ve decided I’m going to be fine.

Besides, worst comes to the worst, I don’t finish on time and I have a good chunk done. No harm, no foul.

However, I’m not sure which story to use.

1 – the original one I was going to use. I used it in Higher English (may or may not have been written up a week before the deadline when I was pumped up with morphine in the hospital). It needs a lot of work planning wise, so I might not use it for this.

2 – when I was in 4th year, my English teacher really helped with writing. She offered to read bits as I wrote and give feedback (she was a wonderful teacher, and really helped me realise how much I want to write). I did for a while but it died out when I got unwell (she noticed I was unwell but I was terrified of telling people. Not the wisest move.). I found the old drafts (one is already 10,000+ words, happy days!) and am contemplating rewriting the beginning and carrying on. There’s quite a bit of planning done on this one, if I can dig out the old book that I wrote all the notes in.

3 – there was a story I was working on before Lachlan’s. It got a bit complicated (I had a lot going on then) so I decided to leave it for a while before coming back to it. There’s a lot of planning and research (intense planning and research, might I add) behind this one.

4 – Lachlan. There’s planning and research at least partly done. I still need to figure out bits but it’s mostly thought out.

Now, I thought, okay, I’ll leave 1, since that one needs significantly more work done. So it leaves me with three choices.

I think I’ll have to dig through all the boxes to hunt down any notes I can find. Oh the joys.


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