A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea and All That He Could See, See, See Were My Crushed Hopes and Dreams.

Question 21: “Who do you ship?”

Dangerous question. Very dangerous. Let me guide you through my fleet.

On the left here, we have the bounding Eremin in front, followed by planning/willing cannon-fodder duo known as GerIta. On the right, a blazing NaruHina and of course IchiHime (the other half ships IchiRuki, so this tends to cause arguments – mainly caused by my fiery Deutsch temper and stubbornness).

Bringing up the rear, we have Renji trying to beat his darling of a captain, Byakuya.

Finally, in the lead at the front, leading the entire army, is Percabeth. Because Perce should definitely have a fleet.

There are many, many more. But I’m very sleep-deprived and cannot think straight. Mind, I can’t even tell if I’ve written nonsense or what now…

Gotta live dangerously.