Worldbuilding: Gotta Love It, Eh?

So I’ve been worldbuilding for Lachlan’s world. Everyone always talks so highly of it, so surely it must be brilliant?

Ha, nope. 

I’ve been doing it to make sure there are no plotholes but man, is it draining.

I’m currently sitting here, for the umpteenth time in a row, stuck. There are general outlines of how to do this, but it may be driving me just slightly insane. I’m trying to discipline myself (no freaking wonder I’ve eaten all the bleeding chocolate. And ice cream. Again.) and I am not to start writing properly until I have a pretty well developed world in place.

Be handy to have one of the Muses in place behind me, smacking my head whenever writer’s block hits.

I have it all in my head, it’s just a case of getting it onto paper so I can make sure it all makes senses. A long, painstaking case in fact.

But it is good. I’ve laid out various lists of categories (I’ve tried looking around for lists, but most have categories that don’t fit Lachlan’s world and/or are irrelevant. I’ve mostly had to figure out by myself what I had to do (pre-made lists are useless to me, unfortunately, though they sometimes do have a category or two that fit to me) and now have lists of what to write out (figured out a couple wee bits and bobs with it at least).

I would recommend it. I’d also recommend one of those squishy stress balls, for those who are as impatient as I am.

Better get back to writing origin tales and folklore out. I feel I’ve gotten most of it done, but it doesn’t look like much. Hence, my current predicament.

(Plus, I’ve accidentally switched the computer off twice after typing out huge amounts – the switch is right by my feet and I’m a horribly fidgety person. But who needs to save every five minutes when you can live dangerously?)

Might share some, if I remember to actually save it.




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