Creating Characters – Easier than Worldbuilding, Trust Me.

Currently, I am in the midst of developing characters and their profiles, etc. Most lists I see, are just that: lists.

For example:



Hair colour:

Eye colour:

(Side-note: this site is demanding that I am actually spelling colour wrong and many other things… Slightly irritating (old perfectionist tendencies that cannot stand to see errors), Queen’s English here, matey, or Standard English Scottish Standard English, whatever you want to call it, really.)

But look at that list… It’s just dull. It doesn’t scream enthusiasm, does it? It’s just fact after fact.

I don’t know about you, but I hate reading lists of facts like that (even the lists in school looked more alive).

So I’m writing them out in the general “fandom-wiki” style. Y’know, photo and biological facts in a table, sections for the character’s introduction, appearance, personality, their role in the plot, etc.

Looks much better, really.

Got quite a few to do: Lachlan, Eilidh, Fionnlagh, Ruomra, Reinhardt. (Just a wee thing here about this auto-check spelling thing-a-ma-jig: Lachlan, Eilidh and Fionnlagh are all spelt wrong? Yet Reinhardt isn’t? Ah, guess it’ll be a case of re-learning to ignore the red squiggles.)

Creating characters is definitely much more fun.

Current thought: I’m just going to do profiles like this for everything now, places and terms included.




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