Eye Lid – Possibly My Favourite Character.

So, the island’s had its summer (five whole days, what a treat!) and it’s much cooler now. Not bad, but I think I prefer the harsh winds. Can layer up, but can’t layer down!

Anywho, I’ve made progress on Chapter Two. I’ve decided this is where I’ll have Eilidh (or Eye Lid as she is otherwise known – long story) enter in and ruin Lachlan’s life further the story.

So I’ve been debating on where to go with their relationship. I know for sure they’re going to have to work together, but there are a horrific number of a couple of obstacles. For example, her heritage, certain characters, etc.

I want to have a bit of a contrast between the two. Lachlan’s quieter, keeps to himself and is curious.

Eilidh? She’s pretty blunt, up in your face and believes she knows everything.

Thinking I might put up character descriptions, at least for the main ones. But I worry it might have some spoilers? Not sure as of yet. Might be able to do something about the primary characters at least.



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