Plotter and Pantsers: The Never-ending Battle

So, I imagine you probably see these two phrases everywhere (especially on Pinterest – don’t get me started with that) along with what they actually are: plotters plan it out, pantsers just wing it.

I used to be a bit of a pantser, then years ago (it’s actually been years, wow) convinced me to get Pinterest and there were all the worldbuilding articles and I started reading and fell into an endless pit of plotting and worldbuilding (it’s good to a degree). So I thought, “Screw it. I’m going back to my old way.” I did even less planning than before.

Not a good idea.

With old stories, I always outlined, always laid out chapters before I even started. Now, I’m happy with how the first draft of Chapter One’s turned out, but I’m not too keen on Chapter Two (unsure; think it’s too early for a certain character to show up).

Currently, I’m trying to get back to that happy medium. Think I’m just going to work out chapter layout and make notes on various bits and bobs when I get to them (or when I need to work through a block – nearly finished the design for the Archives).

Note: need to get another cork memo board – doubt my mother will be too impressed if I we move out and leave pin marks all over the walls.



(Warning: DO NOT FALL INTO THE PINTEREST TRAP. TREAD WITH HEAVY CAUTION! Though I will admit it is a good resource to use, as long as you don’t let it run you.)



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