First of all, pardon the pun. I honestly can’t help it, I’m like a little schoolgirl when it comes to puns.

I started this blog mainly for writing and parenting (which is a whole new adventure, let me tell ya), under the name of “Lee.” I’m an aspiring writer who is currently writing their first book (at long last) and new parent (just been tossed right in). You’ll probably also see various posts about mental health, since I do struggle with that in all honesty, and I’m trying out the whole “talk about it” thing through this.

So, some information about me maybe? I don’t really do many ‘About’ pages, as you can tell…

I’m just about 20, I have a three-month old daughter. I live on an island in Scotland that a surprising amount of people don’t even realise exists.

I’m determined to raise Trouble the best I can, to get better and to be become a published author. I will do it. I can do it.

“If an opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”