Confession Time: Wait, what’s Marag Dubh?

Right, before we start, I must establish something. Where I live, Scottish Gaelic is very prevalent. In our schools, we have English medium and Gaelic medium. There is… admittedly more funding for Gaelic medium classes so they tend to be able to go on more trips. These classes though, are taught in Gaelic.

I didn’t go through Gaelic Medium. I had pretty good Gaelic in the first few years of primary, until I switched to another primary school where they didn’t bother all too much with Gaelic, really.

Now, I’ve noticed there’s a local memes page, and they constantly mention this “Marag Dubh.” I, not so wisely, thought, “oh, must be some kind of alcohol.”


It’s a, uh, delicacy here.

One day, just to be sure, I asked my partner what is was and I got a funny look.

Black pudding.

It’s flipping black pudding.

I don’t even like it.

My Gaelic really sucks. But learning it is just so troublesome… The courses are never for a local dialect. Which is irritating, because if you know Niseach Gaelic, good luck speaking to an Uisdeach!

Plus I don’t want to give in to the Gaelic Mafia (they mean well, really, but they could approach it in different ways).

Tourist tip: every tourist I’ve stumbled upon seems to enjoy Stornoway Black Pudding. So you know, if you’re about, it’s pretty easy to get (I just don’t like it ’cause of certain¬†ingredients).




So we got a dog. We’ve always had dogs, my family. Both sides, actually. Dad had dogs growing up, mainly for the sheep. I’m sure my mum’s grandparents kept dogs too. And she had this amazing rescue dog, a German Shepherd, when I was young. When we moved to the house we’re in now, we got a dog, a collie. But she had to be put down last year, since she wasn’t well and was getting grumpy and aggressive with it. Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done and she was just in so much pain. I miss my little puppy (well, at least she thought she was a puppy, Miss I’m-Going-to-Drop-Myself-in-Your-Lap-‘Cause-I’m-Tiny).

A year later, we have a dog again. We think we got a puppy, but I’m pretty sure he’s a horse. Seriously, I could whip a saddle on him and Trouble can ride him through the house. He’s… a tad bigger than we thought. A goldendoodle (not really my dog actually, more my mum’s and sister’s, since we are temporarily living with them). He’s lovely though. Just a little excitable. Could do with a bit more spatial awareness. He keeps smacking his head off everything. He’s apparently the smart one out of the lot.

I worry for the others.

And that’s my sister gone out to walk him. At 6am. Hah, like you’d catch… me… up at.. oh.

Never mind.


A New Horizon!

So! I’m going to try complete a booky-thing in time for the current contest on Inkitt! A friend showed me it a while back and I can do it.

I’m still carrying on with Lachlan, don’t worry. (If you were even worried, that is.)

But I’ve decided to take a short story I wrote while in school and develop that further. It’s going to need a lot of shuffling, but I’ve managed 91 words exactly so far!

I’ll post updates as I go on, perhaps showing progress and whatnot.

BUT I CAN DO IT. I have like a month, so it’s feasible.

I can do it.


P.S. I never told you guys about our new pupper. Shall talk about him later, got books to write!


My Dear, Sweet Sleep-Deprivation

I’ve been struggling again for a while. They’ve switched my medication. Hoping this one works. Supposed to help my sleep too, but it isn’t really doing much.

But I rather enjoy my messed-up sleep pattern. Over the years, I’ve found that I write best in the night. Energy during the day I can use for editing (if I get a spare moment, Trouble has been named as such for a reason… Considering changing her name on the birth certificate to that).

Took a pretty big step (big for me, at least) today towards getting better. Kind of realised I’ve been avoiding certain things since Dad’s gone. For example, we used to play on the Xbox, usually Special Ops missions on Modern Warfare 2. Managed to play it today, played the one I think we played the most: Estate Takedown. I’ve gotten bad at CoD. I used to be able to play on veteran difficulty, but now it’s, uh, quite difficult. I am blaming it on the fact that I need new glasses, at least partly.

One thing about my dad was that he never pushed me to go to university. Never. Said I could if I wanted but he didn’t want me to stress just because the school wanted ¬†every pupil to succeed massively in the ways they wanted. He always believed in me and wanted me to do what I wanted: write.

And I know that if he saw me right now, he’d whup my sorry ass back into shape.

I wish he was still here.

Appreciate your parents while you can, got it?


P.S. Sorry for all the depressing junk the last while, some things just can’t be helped! Promise next post is more upbeat!

The Last Question: It’s… Done?

The final question, number 25, is a beauty:

“Which member from which band would you most want to lather in nutella?”

Made me laugh, but there is a problem… I don’t even like nutella. I am a disgrace to the human race. But if we changed it to the Milky Way chocolate spread…

I think I’ve said before I don’t really look at bands… But I know from when I was younger, it would have been Jay McGuinness from the Wanted.

Would much rather Will Poulter to be honest but times are tough.

Huh, a rather short answer. Bad Lee.

That’s the Icebreaker questions done. Kinda weird, huh? But if anyone ever has a question, my inbox is always open! Plus, my genes demand I chatter on. Remember, no question is a stupid question.

I’ll probably start more thought-out posts now, more about actually writing.


23 – Oh. I’ve Nearly Finished. :(

Question 23: How did you learn of the band that is currently your favourite?

Ah, a nice long story here.

So, the other half, I had a crush on them in school. After a while, I eventually told a dear friend of mine who immediately let them know on that someone fancied them (first reply was “Oh God no.” Thanks, dear. Way to boost me ego.). Of course, my old ex (it was barely a relationship, three days maybe? Ah, school romances…) happened to be buds with them and gave hints and crap. Eventually we started talking (after a lot of budging, I was approached – on Facebook, of course) and we were just trading song suggestions. I remember it had been prelim time, I had fallen asleep on my Biology work and drooled all over it. I asked for a suggestion and was given “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons. They had found this song through Assassin’s Creed, since the song for AC3’s trailer is Radioactive (dang good song).

And thus bloomed a deep love of Imagine Dragons.


Question 22: I’m Real Bad for ‘Sharing’ C

22: What band merch do you own? If any, whose is it and how did you get it? If none, whose do you wish you owned?

I think the only band merch we have is Linkin Park shirts. We’re really boring, got them as part of CD sets. Personally, I prefer game merch MW1, 2 and 3, hello Soap’s journal (MW3 was the worst. Killed me more than MW2. Mind you, both my brother and I cried at the end of both…).

But yes, the t-shirts are very comfy to be fair. I do enjoy temporarily nicking them (I’m tiny, all the clothes fit me. *Cackle*).


A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea and All That He Could See, See, See Were My Crushed Hopes and Dreams.

Question 21: “Who do you ship?”

Dangerous question. Very dangerous. Let me guide you through my fleet.

On the left here, we have the bounding Eremin in front, followed by planning/willing cannon-fodder duo known as GerIta. On the right, a blazing NaruHina and of course IchiHime (the other half ships IchiRuki, so this tends to cause arguments – mainly caused by my fiery Deutsch temper and stubbornness).

Bringing up the rear, we have Renji trying to beat his darling of a captain, Byakuya.

Finally, in the lead at the front, leading the entire army, is Percabeth. Because Perce should definitely have a fleet.

There are many, many more. But I’m very sleep-deprived and cannot think straight. Mind, I can’t even tell if I’ve written nonsense or what now…

Gotta live dangerously.



Question 20: Ah, lyrics

I’m sitting here, answering these questions. Should really be sleeping, but this is the best time, unfortunately (even more unfortunate: I can hear the little one filling her nappy…)

Puzzling sentence from the other half who is sleeping: “There’s no difference between what the bad guys had.” Always sleep talking. Never makes sense though.

“What is one of your favourite song lyrics? (Who is it by?)”

Currently quite enjoying the lyrics of “Time of Dying” by Three Days Grace, no part in particular, just the whole song. They’re simple, make sense, not pretentious. Perfect.

Also enjoying “7 Years” by Lukas Graham. Tends to make my eyes water though…


P.S. Guess who’s awake…

And stinky.