Yesterday’s question – still not on time…

Yesterday’s question – also late.

Question 9: Name a LEAST favourite of each – book, movie, TV show

Least favourite book… Do plays count? ‘Cause if so, I hated when we studied the written form of “Death of a Salesman” in English. Mind, didn’t like most of the books in the English department. Most of them were pretty dark and depressing.

“Oh no, the pony died. Aw, they got another pony. Oh, another dead pony.”

See what I mean?

But Death of a Salesman was one I actually studied, and it’s a book/play I just can’t enjoy.

Least favourite movie – PERCY JACKSON MOVIES. Say no more.

Least favourite TV show – don’t really have any. Again, don’t really watch a lot of TV.Oh, I know: American Horror Story. They send awful shivers down my back. I can’t be in the same room as someone watching them.


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